8 Biggest Brands in the World

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№1. Amazon

Brand value: $ 150.8 billion

Growth: + 42%

It seems that the leader of the ranking of the most expensive brands is not going to stop there. On April 26, Amazon published its financial statements for the first quarter, according to which the net profit of the world’s largest online retailer was more than doubled in the last year (220%), exceeding $ 1.629 billion with the revenue of $ 51.04 billion.

As a result, the company’s shares rose by 6.3%, which allowed Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to earn $12 billion in just one day. According to Bloomberg, the total capital of the richest person on Earth today is $134 billion.

№2. Apple

Brand value: $ 146.3 billion

Growth: + 37%

About 2/3 of Cupertino’s revenues are centered around iPhone sales, so if the demand for smartphones noticeably drops, Apple will suffer huge losses. That is quite likely, given the lack of visible innovations in the market of mobile technologies.

But even despite the frameless iPhone X that didn’t live up to expectations, Apple will not leave this place in the upcoming years any time soon, launching the long-awaited “budget” iPhone SE 2 in addition to the next generation of flagship devices.

Number 3. Google

Brand value: $ 120.9 billion

Growth: + 10%

10% growth in assets of the previous year’s leader turned out to be too little to become the number one company once again.

According to Brand Finance analysts, Google is paying too much attention to cloud services and improving search algorithms, depriving other sectors of the much-needed financing.

Perhaps this is due to the long-term development strategy of the corporation, which is at the forefront of cloud technology development.

№4. Samsung

Brand value: $ 92.3 billion

Growth: + 39%

Multi-industry presence in the market allows Samsung to level losses in the event of their occurrence in certain areas of the market. This margin of safety provides an opportunity for the Korean giant to invest huge amounts of money in the search for new technological solutions, thanks to which it is possible to stimulate sales of more and more advanced consumer electronics.

№5. Facebook

Brand value: $ 89.7 billion

Growth: + 45%

It is unlikely that Facebook will be among the leaders of our ranking next year. The scandal with data leakage of 50 million users, according to various estimates, caused a loss of between $ 50 billion and $ 95 billion.

Some analysts do not even rule out the possibility of a bankruptcy of the most popular social network in the world.

№6. AT&T

Brand value: $ 82.4 billion

Growth: -5%

Subscribers of the AT&T network are frustrated. Lots of users dropped their subscriptions in favor of mobile messengers and third-party services.

№7. Microsoft

Brand value: $ 81.2 billion

Growth: + 6%

Unfortunately, the dominance of Microsoft in the corporate segment is still not enough to compete on equal terms with such giants of the market as Apple and Google.

№8. Verizon

Brand value: $ 62.8 billion

Growth: -5%

The situation with Verizon is similar to the one we’ve talked about in the case of AT&T.

American telecom operators will have to acquire new and effective ways to increase their profits.