Every year with the arrival of the new season we face the dilemma: should we buy some sort of trendy outfit from the new collection or rather invest in classic Chanel jacket?

That is actually the usual choice we encounter every day: the choice between the modern and the classic, the new and the vintage. When investing in real estate this choice becomes especially difficult. How can we choose between the new residence and an apartment in the old house? It’s like choosing between the modern design of the forks and spoons and classic crockery. Both are beautiful, and actually as usual we want to have it all.

It is a real pleasure to buy something new: whether it’s a dress, a car, a mobile phone or a luxurious lounge suite, the majority of us will go straight to the store that sells its goods straight off the factory floor in favor of a second-hand dealer.

People love the idea of being the first owner, especially when it comes to the apartments. Just imagine the originally new residence with new floor and window coverings, modern elevators and kitchens and a fresh coat of paint – a place with no history, where you can start writing your own beautiful story (a romantic comedy or a fairy tale). You’ll also have such an excellent financial bonus as gradual payment during the construction and low notary fees. Some may argue that modern design has a slightly boxed appearance, but believe me in the South of France it’s well compensated with the breathtaking sea views from the huge terraces.

At the same time if you are lucky enough to find an apartment in antique or historic house, you might be a happy owner of the residence with the ceiling height of 7 meters. The old French apartments are definitely a large field for imagination in terms of the design: just imagine those colors and lines, and that real French charm. Moreover some people actually love the things with the history and its own personality; the houses that have their unique atmosphere, the places where people shared many pleasant moments of love and joy, the walls that have seen how the history was made. Plus there is no waiting for a developer’s finishing touches (or delayed schedules). You can move immediately and enjoy the beaches of Côte d’Azur at once.