Not long ago I’ve seen a picture saying “Who cares how old your sneakers are, if you are wearing them in Paris”. Who argues, if you are in a breathtaking place that makes your heart beat faster or melt from bliss, it doesn’t really matter if you are dressed in Valentino or Zara dress. Imagine living somewhere on French Riviera, where the names of the places themselves is a pleasure to an ear – Beausoleil, Cap-Martin, Beaulieu, Menton, Cannes…

Whether it’s a big city or a humble village – every corner of Cote d’Azur has a high level of cultural value. We’ve already got used to love and invest in ourselves. Probably right now it is exactly the time to think ahead and start to invest in our future. To combine business and pleasure there is no better option than investing in property: penthouses, villas and spacious apartments with terrace can be a reliable anchor in that world of crisis, dropping interest rates and instability. The range of property is wide: the penthouses and apartments are nice and prestigious, well secured and can be easily sold when needed; while the luxurious villas in Domaine Privee in Cap-Martin or right next to Monaco have their unquestioned elite status. 

During such legendary events like Gran-Prix Monaco or Cannes Film Festival having an opportunity to comfortably live at your own place is just priceless. After busy days with hot film premieres, VIP brunches and the parties till the dawn, it feels so great to come home – a place where the walls themselves help you to recover and rest well. Even if you can’t manage to be there yourself, those walls will still work on you: the renting prices at that time skyrocket. The South of France with its perfect combination of a mild climate, beautiful landscapes of Provence as well as European aristocracy is traditionally considered the place of residence and recreation of wealthy people who really care about their comfort, convenience and safety. The elite beaches, clubs and events of Monte Carlo, Nice, Antibes, Cannes and Saint-Tropez attract people all the year round, so the renting is stable and profitable.

While thinking on this topic, I suddenly realized why should I choose between the new shoes and a Paris walk, when I can have it all? Maybe we don’t need to sacrifice a new pair of Louboutin heels to be able to sit at the balcony of your own villa with the sea-view sipping Dom Perignon. If you’ve made up your mind with a purchase, it’s not necessary to pay at once, thus you can have your new shoes and a new villa at once. At the end, we want to #haveitall in this world!

 #haveitall concept from Monte-Carlo Bay 10th anniversary, thanks @montecarlosbm, #mymontecarlo

Thanks @ladanikolska for posing with me, so I was not afraid to be in the center of attention