French Riviera is a dream place to live, to have your kids grown, to spend your summer.

Despite the financial crisis, the real estate in the south of France is always popular and in demand. Thus, if you look at the real estate as a mere investment, the golden square meters in the South of France would become quite a profitable investment. Having a property here has always been considered very prestigious: the presence of an apartment or villa on the Mediterranean coast of France may well emphasize the social status of the owner and also open the door to the world of European aristocracy. That is where I may help you. I have become a representative of ITALGEST group, the largest real estate promotion and development company in the area.  The company has been in the market for 27 years with 100% positive references. After getting education in one of the best European business schools, I was invited to the position of professional advisory agent in investments. I work directly on behalf of the company, so the costs are minimal: there are no additional commissions that you would pay in any agency in France or Monaco. The opportunity of getting a loan with a low rate makes the dreams about the castle even more real. All in all, it seems that everything is real in this world. Thus, if you want to “have it all”, build your empire with me.
Every princess needs her own castle. We do love the journeys all around the world, luxurious hotel rooms with a perfect service and amazing parties till the dawn; but after the hustle and bustle of the active social life it seems to be so right and calming to return to your own place where the walls themselves help you recover.  Some ambitious princesses who would like “to have it all” can even have more than one castle, and that’s the point where they found their own Empire. In the time of crisis and the instability the real estate might become a safe anchor for many people.

Whether you buy the real estate for yourself or as an investment, the South of France is a perfect choice. A nice studio with a cute terrace and a sea view would be a quiet harbor and a wonderful place for exploring the French Riviera. Cote d’Azur is a beautiful part of the Mediterranean area famous for the amazing sea and coast with many inlets, bays and small capes. The sea of the French Riviera with its unusual sheen is proud for its superb sandy beaches. It is no exaggeration to say that every corner of Cote d’Azur – whether it’s a big city or a humble village – has a high level of cultural value. It is hard to remain indifferent at the sight of such an ensemble of natural, cultural and historical attractions. The perfect combination of a mild climate, beautiful landscapes of Provence as well as European aristocracy and refinement at this area creates a truly magical environment for life. Thanks to that this area is traditionally considered the place of residence and recreation of wealthy people who really care about their comfort, convenience and safety; and those who love fun and the liveliness of the crowd are attracted by the elite beaches of Monte Carlo, Nice, Antibes, Cannes and Saint-Tropez.