FASHIONTALKS is a digital baby of Etel and her team is a social-sharing app only about fashion. Users upload their photos specifying where they bought the items. Others glam (“like”) them if they want to know where they bought it. If you click twice on the yellow diamonds you go directly to the item’s online shopping site (this link is provided by the person who uploads the photo, not by us, so this is very useful for bloggers and new designers who would like to meet new fashion-lovers).

Surely, I could not miss an opportunity to have her very exclusive interview for Luxaddicted fashion and not only readers. 

ISA: Etel, usually programming, applications, Internet technologies are coming from male heads. How the idea of creating a social media fashion oriented application appeared in your head? Did it happen suddenly? Or it arrived step by step? 

ETELActually I wanted to do something on fashion which I believe I know the best, and my brother wanted to do something about internet which he knows the best. While we were looking to Instagram, we realized that most of the questions were “where did you buy it?” .So we joined our forces and created “FashionTalks” where users can upload their style specifying the brands and where other users can know and buy them with just one click.

ISA: From the moment this project was traveling into brain to putting it in life how long did it take?

ETELIt took a year.

ISA: How many people were and are working on the project? Was it difficult to find them? What is your team management attitude: there are no people that can’t be changed, result is what is important or creativity, be valued, inspiration and motivation by you? Or some mix? What your successful formula of being effective business woman? 

ETELThey are several sections as the hq part, development and the fashion part. I am running the fashion part, I have about 40 bloggers and young stylish people working with me. But I am just showing them the way.

ISA: Do you consider yourself a fashion influencer in Turkey or a professional business person or both?

ETELI don’t like to valuate myself, I leave that job to the others.

Isa: Who is a modern business woman in Istanbul and Turkey? Who she behaves? How she combines the traditional role of mother and wife in Turkish family and western formula of business success?

ETELActually I find no difference at all between Turkish women and the western ones. All my guests who come to Turkey with so prejudices leaved Turkey seeing what a European country it was.

ISA: Please describe an ideal woman of FashionTalks? Where she is from? What does she do? Is she a fashion lover or fashion victim? Does she like to travel? 

ETELFashionTalks has users from 87 countries. FashionTalks user is a stylish woman who likes to match high luxury brands with affordable ones, vintage with postmodern,new designers with local designers. They like to travel, they like art, do sports and enjoy life.

ISA: FashionTalks is a lot about top luxury brands, what about local Turkish brands? By experience of number of diamonds (likes) do women in your social media prefer only big brands or they support local fashion brands too?

ETELActually in FashionTalks we see what real peoples wear every day. So they is a mix of everything and that’s what makes FashionTalks special.

ISA: Personally you, Etel, if Louis Vuitton or Richmond group tomorrow comes to you with an offer to manage them in your country would you agree? Or would you choose progressively develop your own projects only? Are you entrepreneurship mind or top manager? Do you think a person should be born as an entrepreneur or might he/she develop those skills?

ETELAs FashionTalks we want to create a Fashiontalkers community all over the world. So we invite our most glammed users to fashion weeks and fashion events all over the world. We also organize private events like the one we did with Bulgari. I prefer to work project based. But I don’t think that a person born in a way or another. I think people can became whatever they like if they really work for it. That’s why the modern world stands for. Returning on application business for example, girls can became “fashion icons” simply working for it. But we realize that there are somes, who lose their will quickly and others who works regularly. That’s what makes the difference; the will not the genes.

ISA: Your favorite look for everyday life? For the fancy dinner? For the party? For the successful business negotiations?

ETELMy favorite look for everyday life nowadays are short and large pants, Stella McCartney wooden wedges, and a shirt. For a fancy invitations v necked (very open) dresses. For business Balmain blazers.

ISA:  HAVEITALL – how would you describe this concept from your experience?
I think it is not important to know the price or the quantity the things you have, it’s important to know their value.

ETELShould a person dream? And what do you think do the dreams come true?
Of course you have to dream before your dreams come true.

To download FASHIONTALKS – just press it or visit your Apple Store.