5 Most Expensive Hotels in The World

How to impress women if you definitely decided to build serious relationships? Give them an impressive vacation!Start thinking about it even when you are chatting. For wealthy travelers, choosing a hotel is a very important activity. There is nothing wrong with spending big money on living, especially if you can afford it with Best Single cancer women from Ukraine for dating.

Today we have prepared a selection of the top 5 most expensive hotel rooms of 2019. After reading the material to the end, you will find out where the most expensive hotels are and how much it costs to stay in them!

#5. The Most Expensive Hotel in France – Penthouse Suite in the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez

In fifth place is the French five-star Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez, which is where celebrities prefer to stay during the Cannes Film Festival.

A night in the Penthouse Suite will cost € 27,000. Two royal rooms with silk-lined furniture, a terrace with a Jacuzzi and a breathtaking view of the Bay of Cannes are not the only advantages for which this penthouse is so popular!

#4. The Most Expensive Hotel in Oceania – Hilltop Estate in the Laucala Island Resort

Laucala Resort is located on the Fiji archipelago and is named after the eponymous island. The hotel differs from its competitors by its unique natural conditions: turquoise lagoons, beaches with white sand, beautiful palm trees and high mountains. In addition, Laucala Island Resort boasts one of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world.

This island resort will require the guests of the most expensive Hilltop Estate apartments, which are located on the top of the hill, to pay €29,000 per night. This amount of money includes the services of a personal chef and a nanny.

#3. Asia’s Most Expensive Hotel – Maharajah’s Pavilion in the Raj Palace

Hotel Raj Palace was built in Jaipur in 1727. Previously, this place served as the residence of the Maharaja of the Kachhawa dynasty.

Here’s an interesting fact: In this luxury hotel, guests have the opportunity to spend a night in the largest and most expensive room in all of Asia for a small fee of €37,000.

Maharaja’s Pavillion is a 4-story building with an area of ​​1,500 square meters. All furniture is made of ivory, and interior items are made of gold. In addition, guests of the presidential suite can enjoy their own terrace, as well as relax in the pool that overlooks the Jaipur square.

#2. Ty Warner Penthouse Suite in the Four Seasons Hotel

One of the most expensive hotels in America – Four Seasons – is located in the heart of New York. Its construction stretched for 7 years and cost its investors $50,000,000.

Anyone who wants to spend the night in Manhattan at the Ty Warner Penthouse has to pay € 40,000. For such money, you will get 9 rooms with breathtaking panoramic views of the city and Central Park.

#1. The most expensive hotel in the world – Royal Penthouse Suite in the Hotel President Wilson

The most expensive hotel is named after the 28th President of the United States. Its main attraction is the Royal Penthouse Suite. The cost of a one-night stay is €48,000.

A private elevator takes guests directly to their luxury penthouse with an area of ​​1,800 square meters, from which the breathtaking view over the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva open up.

Here’s an interesting fact about this hotel: In order for its guest to feel safe in all of this luxury, bullet-proof glass was installed on the panoramic windows.

8 Biggest Brands in the World

№1. Amazon

Brand value: $ 150.8 billion

Growth: + 42%

It seems that the leader of the ranking of the most expensive brands is not going to stop there. On April 26, Amazon published its financial statements for the first quarter, according to which the net profit of the world’s largest online retailer was more than doubled in the last year (220%), exceeding $ 1.629 billion with the revenue of $ 51.04 billion.

As a result, the company’s shares rose by 6.3%, which allowed Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to earn $12 billion in just one day. According to Bloomberg, the total capital of the richest person on Earth today is $134 billion.

№2. Apple

Brand value: $ 146.3 billion

Growth: + 37%

About 2/3 of Cupertino’s revenues are centered around iPhone sales, so if the demand for smartphones noticeably drops, Apple will suffer huge losses. That is quite likely, given the lack of visible innovations in the market of mobile technologies.

But even despite the frameless iPhone X that didn’t live up to expectations, Apple will not leave this place in the upcoming years any time soon, launching the long-awaited “budget” iPhone SE 2 in addition to the next generation of flagship devices.

Number 3. Google

Brand value: $ 120.9 billion

Growth: + 10%

10% growth in assets of the previous year’s leader turned out to be too little to become the number one company once again.

According to Brand Finance analysts, Google is paying too much attention to cloud services and improving search algorithms, depriving other sectors of the much-needed financing.

Perhaps this is due to the long-term development strategy of the corporation, which is at the forefront of cloud technology development.

№4. Samsung

Brand value: $ 92.3 billion

Growth: + 39%

Multi-industry presence in the market allows Samsung to level losses in the event of their occurrence in certain areas of the market. This margin of safety provides an opportunity for the Korean giant to invest huge amounts of money in the search for new technological solutions, thanks to which it is possible to stimulate sales of more and more advanced consumer electronics.

№5. Facebook

Brand value: $ 89.7 billion

Growth: + 45%

It is unlikely that Facebook will be among the leaders of our ranking next year. The scandal with data leakage of 50 million users, according to various estimates, caused a loss of between $ 50 billion and $ 95 billion.

Some analysts do not even rule out the possibility of a bankruptcy of the most popular social network in the world.

№6. AT&T

Brand value: $ 82.4 billion

Growth: -5%

Subscribers of the AT&T network are frustrated. Lots of users dropped their subscriptions in favor of mobile messengers and third-party services.

№7. Microsoft

Brand value: $ 81.2 billion

Growth: + 6%

Unfortunately, the dominance of Microsoft in the corporate segment is still not enough to compete on equal terms with such giants of the market as Apple and Google.

№8. Verizon

Brand value: $ 62.8 billion

Growth: -5%

The situation with Verizon is similar to the one we’ve talked about in the case of AT&T.

American telecom operators will have to acquire new and effective ways to increase their profits.


Every year with the arrival of the new season we face the dilemma: should we buy some sort of trendy outfit from the new collection or rather invest in classic Chanel jacket?

That is actually the usual choice we encounter every day: the choice between the modern and the classic, the new and the vintage. When investing in real estate this choice becomes especially difficult. How can we choose between the new residence and an apartment in the old house? It’s like choosing between the modern design of the forks and spoons and classic crockery. Both are beautiful, and actually as usual we want to have it all.

It is a real pleasure to buy something new: whether it’s a dress, a car, a mobile phone or a luxurious lounge suite, the majority of us will go straight to the store that sells its goods straight off the factory floor in favor of a second-hand dealer.

People love the idea of being the first owner, especially when it comes to the apartments. Just imagine the originally new residence with new floor and window coverings, modern elevators and kitchens and a fresh coat of paint – a place with no history, where you can start writing your own beautiful story (a romantic comedy or a fairy tale). You’ll also have such an excellent financial bonus as gradual payment during the construction and low notary fees. Some may argue that modern design has a slightly boxed appearance, but believe me in the South of France it’s well compensated with the breathtaking sea views from the huge terraces.

At the same time if you are lucky enough to find an apartment in antique or historic house, you might be a happy owner of the residence with the ceiling height of 7 meters. The old French apartments are definitely a large field for imagination in terms of the design: just imagine those colors and lines, and that real French charm. Moreover some people actually love the things with the history and its own personality; the houses that have their unique atmosphere, the places where people shared many pleasant moments of love and joy, the walls that have seen how the history was made. Plus there is no waiting for a developer’s finishing touches (or delayed schedules). You can move immediately and enjoy the beaches of Côte d’Azur at once.


Not long ago I’ve seen a picture saying “Who cares how old your sneakers are, if you are wearing them in Paris”. Who argues, if you are in a breathtaking place that makes your heart beat faster or melt from bliss, it doesn’t really matter if you are dressed in Valentino or Zara dress. Imagine living somewhere on French Riviera, where the names of the places themselves is a pleasure to an ear – Beausoleil, Cap-Martin, Beaulieu, Menton, Cannes…

Whether it’s a big city or a humble village – every corner of Cote d’Azur has a high level of cultural value. We’ve already got used to love and invest in ourselves. Probably right now it is exactly the time to think ahead and start to invest in our future. To combine business and pleasure there is no better option than investing in property: penthouses, villas and spacious apartments with terrace can be a reliable anchor in that world of crisis, dropping interest rates and instability. The range of property is wide: the penthouses and apartments are nice and prestigious, well secured and can be easily sold when needed; while the luxurious villas in Domaine Privee in Cap-Martin or right next to Monaco have their unquestioned elite status. 

During such legendary events like Gran-Prix Monaco or Cannes Film Festival having an opportunity to comfortably live at your own place is just priceless. After busy days with hot film premieres, VIP brunches and the parties till the dawn, it feels so great to come home – a place where the walls themselves help you to recover and rest well. Even if you can’t manage to be there yourself, those walls will still work on you: the renting prices at that time skyrocket. The South of France with its perfect combination of a mild climate, beautiful landscapes of Provence as well as European aristocracy is traditionally considered the place of residence and recreation of wealthy people who really care about their comfort, convenience and safety. The elite beaches, clubs and events of Monte Carlo, Nice, Antibes, Cannes and Saint-Tropez attract people all the year round, so the renting is stable and profitable.

While thinking on this topic, I suddenly realized why should I choose between the new shoes and a Paris walk, when I can have it all? Maybe we don’t need to sacrifice a new pair of Louboutin heels to be able to sit at the balcony of your own villa with the sea-view sipping Dom Perignon. If you’ve made up your mind with a purchase, it’s not necessary to pay at once, thus you can have your new shoes and a new villa at once. At the end, we want to #haveitall in this world!

 #haveitall concept from Monte-Carlo Bay 10th anniversary, thanks @montecarlosbm, #mymontecarlo

Thanks @ladanikolska for posing with me, so I was not afraid to be in the center of attention


French Riviera is a dream place to live, to have your kids grown, to spend your summer.

Despite the financial crisis, the real estate in the south of France is always popular and in demand. Thus, if you look at the real estate as a mere investment, the golden square meters in the South of France would become quite a profitable investment. Having a property here has always been considered very prestigious: the presence of an apartment or villa on the Mediterranean coast of France may well emphasize the social status of the owner and also open the door to the world of European aristocracy. That is where I may help you. I have become a representative of ITALGEST group, the largest real estate promotion and development company in the area.  The company has been in the market for 27 years with 100% positive references. After getting education in one of the best European business schools, I was invited to the position of professional advisory agent in investments. I work directly on behalf of the company, so the costs are minimal: there are no additional commissions that you would pay in any agency in France or Monaco. The opportunity of getting a loan with a low rate makes the dreams about the castle even more real. All in all, it seems that everything is real in this world. Thus, if you want to “have it all”, build your empire with me.
Every princess needs her own castle. We do love the journeys all around the world, luxurious hotel rooms with a perfect service and amazing parties till the dawn; but after the hustle and bustle of the active social life it seems to be so right and calming to return to your own place where the walls themselves help you recover.  Some ambitious princesses who would like “to have it all” can even have more than one castle, and that’s the point where they found their own Empire. In the time of crisis and the instability the real estate might become a safe anchor for many people.

Whether you buy the real estate for yourself or as an investment, the South of France is a perfect choice. A nice studio with a cute terrace and a sea view would be a quiet harbor and a wonderful place for exploring the French Riviera. Cote d’Azur is a beautiful part of the Mediterranean area famous for the amazing sea and coast with many inlets, bays and small capes. The sea of the French Riviera with its unusual sheen is proud for its superb sandy beaches. It is no exaggeration to say that every corner of Cote d’Azur – whether it’s a big city or a humble village – has a high level of cultural value. It is hard to remain indifferent at the sight of such an ensemble of natural, cultural and historical attractions. The perfect combination of a mild climate, beautiful landscapes of Provence as well as European aristocracy and refinement at this area creates a truly magical environment for life. Thanks to that this area is traditionally considered the place of residence and recreation of wealthy people who really care about their comfort, convenience and safety; and those who love fun and the liveliness of the crowd are attracted by the elite beaches of Monte Carlo, Nice, Antibes, Cannes and Saint-Tropez.


FASHIONTALKS is a digital baby of Etel and her team is a social-sharing app only about fashion. Users upload their photos specifying where they bought the items. Others glam (“like”) them if they want to know where they bought it. If you click twice on the yellow diamonds you go directly to the item’s online shopping site (this link is provided by the person who uploads the photo, not by us, so this is very useful for bloggers and new designers who would like to meet new fashion-lovers).

Surely, I could not miss an opportunity to have her very exclusive interview for Luxaddicted fashion and not only readers. 

ISA: Etel, usually programming, applications, Internet technologies are coming from male heads. How the idea of creating a social media fashion oriented application appeared in your head? Did it happen suddenly? Or it arrived step by step? 

ETELActually I wanted to do something on fashion which I believe I know the best, and my brother wanted to do something about internet which he knows the best. While we were looking to Instagram, we realized that most of the questions were “where did you buy it?” .So we joined our forces and created “FashionTalks” where users can upload their style specifying the brands and where other users can know and buy them with just one click.

ISA: From the moment this project was traveling into brain to putting it in life how long did it take?

ETELIt took a year.

ISA: How many people were and are working on the project? Was it difficult to find them? What is your team management attitude: there are no people that can’t be changed, result is what is important or creativity, be valued, inspiration and motivation by you? Or some mix? What your successful formula of being effective business woman? 

ETELThey are several sections as the hq part, development and the fashion part. I am running the fashion part, I have about 40 bloggers and young stylish people working with me. But I am just showing them the way.

ISA: Do you consider yourself a fashion influencer in Turkey or a professional business person or both?

ETELI don’t like to valuate myself, I leave that job to the others.

Isa: Who is a modern business woman in Istanbul and Turkey? Who she behaves? How she combines the traditional role of mother and wife in Turkish family and western formula of business success?

ETELActually I find no difference at all between Turkish women and the western ones. All my guests who come to Turkey with so prejudices leaved Turkey seeing what a European country it was.

ISA: Please describe an ideal woman of FashionTalks? Where she is from? What does she do? Is she a fashion lover or fashion victim? Does she like to travel? 

ETELFashionTalks has users from 87 countries. FashionTalks user is a stylish woman who likes to match high luxury brands with affordable ones, vintage with postmodern,new designers with local designers. They like to travel, they like art, do sports and enjoy life.

ISA: FashionTalks is a lot about top luxury brands, what about local Turkish brands? By experience of number of diamonds (likes) do women in your social media prefer only big brands or they support local fashion brands too?

ETELActually in FashionTalks we see what real peoples wear every day. So they is a mix of everything and that’s what makes FashionTalks special.

ISA: Personally you, Etel, if Louis Vuitton or Richmond group tomorrow comes to you with an offer to manage them in your country would you agree? Or would you choose progressively develop your own projects only? Are you entrepreneurship mind or top manager? Do you think a person should be born as an entrepreneur or might he/she develop those skills?

ETELAs FashionTalks we want to create a Fashiontalkers community all over the world. So we invite our most glammed users to fashion weeks and fashion events all over the world. We also organize private events like the one we did with Bulgari. I prefer to work project based. But I don’t think that a person born in a way or another. I think people can became whatever they like if they really work for it. That’s why the modern world stands for. Returning on application business for example, girls can became “fashion icons” simply working for it. But we realize that there are somes, who lose their will quickly and others who works regularly. That’s what makes the difference; the will not the genes.

ISA: Your favorite look for everyday life? For the fancy dinner? For the party? For the successful business negotiations?

ETELMy favorite look for everyday life nowadays are short and large pants, Stella McCartney wooden wedges, and a shirt. For a fancy invitations v necked (very open) dresses. For business Balmain blazers.

ISA:  HAVEITALL – how would you describe this concept from your experience?
I think it is not important to know the price or the quantity the things you have, it’s important to know their value.

ETELShould a person dream? And what do you think do the dreams come true?
Of course you have to dream before your dreams come true.

To download FASHIONTALKS – just press it or visit your Apple Store.